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Just Tube Paper are supplied cardboard and plastic postal tubes that comes in round and triangular profile.We also have a extensive choice of cardboard postal tubes for mailing documents.

Just Paper Tubes Ltd, your trusted source for top quality Packaging Tubes Cardboard. We carry Packaging Tubes in a huge variety & colors. Order online today.


Connect with JPT core for products like Postal Mailing Tubes, Industrial Tubes, and Cardboard Tubes. Our goal is to provide top satisfaction and fast delivery to customers.

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Cardboard Tube Packaging
Cardboard Tube Packaging

Just Paper Tubes signals the move from plastic end caps to a recyclable and biodegradable plant based end caps. We are delighted to be able to launch our first product in this range, the 152mm end cap. 

Just Paper Tube manufacturers helping the UK.You  can buy cardboard tubes from our wide collection of postal packaging in our online shop with fast delivery.

Visit here:- http://www.jptcores.com/

JPT the strength of your business and experience best services on industrial tubes, postal mailing tubes and bespoke products in UK.

Cardboard tubes with printed inners are the most affordable way to promote your brand, service or products. Undoubtedly, the cardboard tubes, label cores or tape cores make amazing promotional products for brands. We supply the UK’s largest Tape Cores and Label Cores manufactures with their cardboard tubes needs.

 cardboard tubes provide a portable and practical storage solution for a wide assortment of applications. These are the great way for storing posters, or paper roll from damage and dirt. They keep products secure and easily carry a wide assortment of heavyweight products as well.

we have become one of the leading carpets and vinyl floor covering manufacturers, cardboard tube company in the UK that has created a benchmark in accomplishing the needs of many suppliers and customers.

We care not just about the environment but also for our community and Just Paper Tubes is committed to supply paper and cardboard tubes and cores which are made using recycled paper and cardboard material.

JPT Training Initiative in the Regional Press – Apprenticeship Update

We’ve been working in partnership with the LEP (Leeds Enterprise Partnership) who were formed by Government to help develop the “northern powerhouse”. The LEP’s skills service and JPT have been working together to provide additional training opportunities for members of staff at JPT.

Just Paper Tubes, we manufacture and supply just cardboard cores and tubes.

Farrow & Ball, one of the top manufacturers of paints and wallpapers.Such creative endeavours by clients, artists and brands across the world inspire us to keep up the good work. They only strengthen our core values of making products that are eco-friendly, inexpensive and recyclable and easy to use and customize.

  • We pruduce high quality of cardboard tubes, industrial paper cores,label cores and tape cores, and everything we do for our customers.

Just Paper Tubes gets the OK to expand

Just Paper Tubes are delighted to announce that we have been granted permission to expand our premises by Selby District Council.

Applications of Cardboard Tubes in Various Industries

Cardboard tubes, also known as paper tubes, are cylindrical items that are made from wood pulp. It can be made into various varieties of cardboard like paperboard, fiberboard, paper-adhesive composites, and kraft paper. These tubes are used by various industries as per their requirements. Cardboard tubes are typically manufactured from cardboard ribbons that are wrapped around a mandrel. The manufacturing is done as per the design dimension requirements of the customer.

Paper Tubes - Manufacturing Process, Types and Benefits

Be it for individual use or industrial use, paper tubes serve a lot of purposes. From shipping a single document to constructing a concrete pillar, paper tubes, also known as cardboard tubes, have a lot of functions in our day to day life. So, let’s take a look at some aspects of paper tubes, how they are made and how they are used